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The GRETSS** (Groupe de Recherche et d'Etudes des Techniques Spatiales de Strasbourg) is happy to welcome its Th visitor.

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You will discover in these few pages an exciting activity gathering hundreds of young people in France (and more in Europe and in the rest of the world), the high power rocketry. This activity is completely safe, because it exists professional and reliable engines freely available.

Fasten seat bells, make your eyes and ears ready and have a good take-off for this travel inside the history and the projects of on of the oldest French society always in activity, the GRETSS**



Groupe de Recherche et d'Etudes des Techniques Spatiales de Strasbourg (Group for research & studies of space techniques of Strasbourg) was created in 1977 by B-Bruno (Bruno Hébert, a father to us all) & some of his friends. They had a common interest for space adventures & a desire to build rockets. In a small building freely provided by ARES (Association des Résidents de l'Esplanade Sud, a local community center) they met up every Saturday afternoon to conceive & realize their rocketry projects

With limited means, but carried by an unstoppable enthusiasm, the club launched there first project PLEONASME 2 in 1979 at the Courtine military camp. Many other rockets have followed.

In the following years better facilities for building rockets were obtained (an oscilloscope & a metal lathe) & the projects became more and more ambitious. . As the older members of the club slowly gave way to newer members the club was renamed GRETSS**, the second star meaning "second generation".

To promote rocketry projects the club participates in the organization of summer courses, managed by ANSTJ,, which permit youths to build an experimental rocket in three weeks & so observe all steps in the development of a project. Teams of 4 - 6 persons can conceive and realize a project which culminates in the moment of launch (everything is over in less than 1 minute, the average flight time of an experimental rocket). Some of us went in Chinon, Nouans le fuselier, Spain, Morocco and even in Paraguay to have good time (no, sorry, to help young to discover what high power rocketry are).

In nearly 20 years of existence the club has launched 22 projects:

If some of these experimental rockets were very complex, we never breaking one fundamental rule; never take things too seriously! It is often around a table or a glass (at the end, around several bottles) that our projects are born.

As a member of ANSTJ (Association Nationale Science Technique Jeunesse - a national association to promote science & technology to the young) the club has access to rocket motors provided freely by the French space agency (CNES) following submission of a proposal for a project. These motors offer all guaranties of reliability & security, since the motor is prepared by a skilled pyrotechnician prior to launch.


1977 - 1983 The GRETSS* pioneers

The first team of the GRETSS* included:

In 7 years, they achieved 7 projects and started another terminated by the second team.









1977 -


1978 - 1979




1979 - 1980


1980 - 1981


1980 - 1981


1881 - 1983




1983 - 1993 The new team: the GRETSS**

Because of studies, children, conscription or moving, almost all the members of the first team were gone to new adventures. Hopefully I have remembered all the team here:

As you will note, some of us (like me) don't participate in a lot of projects. Some never even made a project. But the most important is we are good friends with a lot of memories to share (and it's not finished).

In 10 years, we achieved 10 projects (to say nothing of  8 identical rockets made by François). One of them, PLQMTM was started by the first team

1983 - 1984


1982 - 1985


1985 - 1986







1984 - 1988




1990 - 1991






1992 - 1993



1993 - 1996: The old team is always here with new members

10 years after, the team got older. Jeff if gone in 1986, Hélène in 1991, Fun in 1993 and Freluquet is studying in Paris (buying me my old GTI).

But the others are always here, more or less faithful, more or less motivated but older and older.

Add to them 3 new guys:

  • Emmanuel Laurent (Manu)
  • ?? Casales (Kaza)
  • Thierry Lou (Lou)

And you will have the team.

 During the realization of Laurent Saint-Marcel (Lolo) joined us and made all alone its first mini rocket: CEPHEIDE


1997: The future

For this year, things are not clearly defined:

First of all, we are trying to understand the strange flight of . With the very efficient help of all the youth section of the CNES, the reason of its strange behavior is now well known.

Michel has always a project in progress, a rocket glider powered by a Chamois. Unfortunately, some people are afraid by these kinds of rockets and they are not covered by the "cahier des charges" of the ANSTJ. It is therefore impossible to launch it.

 was not 100% successful. The parachute was not piloted and some of us want to relaunch it with an automatic pilot for the beginning of the descent. But nothing is decided.

And Miloux starts a new rocket powered by a Chamois

How to contact us


c/o Simon Schulz
5, rue de Reims
67000 Strasbourg



Another sites


You will find in this page some French and foreign WEB sites about rocketry.

You can contact me and send remarks to:


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